List of the best books for UPSC prelims 2017

List of the best books for UPSC prelims 2017


List of the best books for UPSC prelims 2017

There are lots of people who are used to carry out any tasks with proper guidance from many of the Books available in the market. People are reluctant to get every activity to fulfill for their own profit and benefit. There are many Books available for the UPSC Prelims to gain much of the knowledge from the Books.

People should check every book to get them every knowledge about their requirements to be fulfilled in a right way. So people should carry out many of the tasks to achieve their goals with the help of lot of Books available in the market. One should buy only the Best Books for IAS which gives them lot of good ideas and plans to focus and concentrate on the target. It is quite important to focus on lots of ideas and plans to develop the Nation with spreading many types of knowledge to them.

Best Books for IAS Preliminary Exam (Click on the links to buy UPSC Prelim Books)




Book Name      Author Name

India’s Ancient Past     R.S. Sharma

History of Medieval India Satish Chandra

India’s Struggle for Independence      Bipan Chandra

History of Modern India    Bipan Chandra



Book Name      Author Name

Indian and World Geography for Civil Services    D.R. Khullar

Geography of India      Majid Husain

Oxford School Atlas     Oxford



Books  Author Name

Facts of Indian Culture      Spectrum

The Wonder That Was India   A.L. Bhasham



Books  Author Name

Indian Polity 5th Edition   M. Laxmikanth. (Polity)

Indian Economy 8th Edition    Ramesh Singh. (Economy)

Economic Survey   Government of India Ministry of Finance



Books  Author Name

Environmental Studies from Crisis to Cure 2nd Edition       R.Rajagoplan

Efforts Towards Green India – Environment and Ecology      Arihant Experts



Books  Author Name

Science and Technology in India

Ashok Singh